Padangusthasana or Standing Forward Fold

Padangusthasana is a standing forward fold in yoga. The name is derived from the Sanskrit pada, meaning “foot,” angustha, meaning “big toe,” and asana, meaning “pose.” … Padangusthasana is also known in English as big toe pose.
This is a lush forward fold. Feel free to bend your knees as much as needed. To get into the pose, draw in your lower belly, thereby activating uddiana bhanda, and hinge from the waist. As with most forward folds in yoga you want to go for length in the spine rather than curling over. Take hold of your big toes, wrapping your middle finger and index finger around the inside of the toe, and joining the thumb to your fingers as it wraps around the outside. Bend your knees if you need it. I often encourage students to bend their knees until they feel a connection of belly to thighs, and then slowly straighten the knees from here. Looking at the rounding in my back here, I could do with taking my own advice! Send your elbows out to the side, and remember to keep drawing in the lower belly, let your head hang heavy so your neck is long, gaze between the legs and keep shoulders moving away from the ears.

Standing Forward Fold Pose

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