Crescent Lunge

Featuring the high lunge version of Crescent Lunge Pose but you may choose to lower the back knee to the floor for a more supported version. Step your foot forward until the knee is over the ankle, keeping both hips square towards the top of the mat. Drop the tailbone and lengthen through the spine. If you’re staying in the high lunge variation, keep the heel of the back foot raised and move forward onto the ball of that foot, keeping the back leg super strong.  You can choose to link your thumbs or open your arms for even more of a chest opener but for those of us who hold tension in the shoulders, lowering the elbows into cactus arms allows for a nice relief. Alternatively, lift up through the rib cage and fingertips and come into a gentle back bend. I tend to keep my gaze (drishti) forward, lifting through the crown of the head so as not to arch (read: crunch!) into the neck. This allows the spine to nice and long, but you may also want to lift your drishti towards the sky.

Crescent Lunge Pose

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