A full day workshop on fear and how to face up to it!

Akasha Wellness,
Wickham Hall, Hadham Road, CM23 1JG
Saturday 13th May 2017 10-3pm
Cost: £45

Join Suzi and Erin for this full day workshop where we will look at the different types of fear, how we naturally process and store fear and how we deal with this sensation as a positive reaction to our environment.
The morning will start with a dynamic flow practice to open the body and work deeply into the hips, back and shoulders (places that often store our tension and stresses) with a fun, relaxed invitation to explore different challenges for your body. The body will be warm and ready to look at some of the more challenging and ‘scary’ poses i.e. inversions and balances! During the afternoon we will slow down…taking a look at the basic principles of the Ancient Chinese yin yang theory before moving into a deep yin practice to restore  balance in our ability to regulate the fluids in the body, assisting with backaches, gynecological problems, kidney, lung and throat issues and our capacity to let go of fears and anxieties. The day will finish with a deeply restorative yoga nidra session to send you away with new insights into what your body and your practice can tell you about other aspects of your life.




The Space 2 Be, Suite 1,2 & 3, The Fairways, Cheshunt, EN80NJ
Cost: £50


We spend so much of our time sitting in chairs, not using our full range of motion – it’s no wonder many of us suffer from tightness in the hips. Just as we have physical tension that needs releasing, we may also have emotional tension to surrender. By working through the layers of the body, we also move through the layers of our emotions. Our hips carry a big share of these stored emotions, making hip opening poses quite challenging, eliciting unwanted feelings of frustration, annoyance and anger. But if we can stay with these sensations, we begin to release some of the physical tensions and mental irritations, leaving us feeling calmer and more compassionate both to ourselves and those around us.
Join Paula and Erin for this full day retreat focusing on the hips. During the morning, Paula will lead you through a more dynamic practice to warm up this area, while the afternoon we will slow down with Erin in a deeply restorative, hip-opening yin practice. Lunch included.
For more info or to book, contact The Space 2 Be

Balancing Hormones: A Yin Workshop

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Coming in June…date TBA

The Secret Space, 105 Fore Street, Hertford, SG14 1AS

Many of us walk through life – whether knowingly or not – with some form of chronic stress. We have become masters at coping with it. We are overstimulated by coffee to stay awake, we feel restless late at night, we over-consume, over-analyse, over-commit and ultimately over-stress the fine hormonal balance of our endocrine system. When our hormones are out of balance, we start to notice a wide variety of symptoms including headaches, skin problems, insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, sluggish metabolism, poor libido and mood problems. By stimulating the hormone-producing glands and organs through restorative yin yoga, we create the environment for them to restore balance throughout the body and mind.

During this workshop, you will discover how hormonal imbalances manifest physically and behaviourally, before being lead through a comprehensive yin practice that will restore your energy, strengthen your adrenal response and stimulate the kidneys. Expect to move and be moved to reflect upon new and deeper levels of YinSights!

Costs £35; Early bird: £30

Click here to book online, email, ph.: 01992 503141, or pop in to the studio.