At The Middle Way Yoga we offer a range of affordable yoga classes for all abilities and ages across Hertfordshire. From the dynamic yang style of hot yoga and¬†power yoga, to restorative¬†yin,¬†children’s and teens yoga you’re sure to find a class that’s right for you. Find your centre at one of our studio spaces right in the heart of in Hertford.

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How to Yin Yoga: 6 Poses for the Neck, Shoulders & Hips

A guided Yin Yoga practice of 6 poses with some alternatives that focuses on the neck, shoulders and hips. It includes a short 4 minute introduction describing how to practice yin yoga as well as discussion throughout of the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian lines and their corresponding organs that each pose stimulates. If dynamic, warm … Continue reading How to Yin Yoga: 6 Poses for the Neck, Shoulders & Hips

Warm Up: Sun Salutation A & B (options) 10mins

Sun Salutations are full body warm ups that build heat, set the pace of your practice and allow you to feel into the sensations – physical and emotional – of your body for this practice today. They allow you to find your focus, make the connection between breath and movement, clear out whatever has been … Continue reading Warm Up: Sun Salutation A & B (options) 10mins

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