At The Middle Way Yoga we offer a range of affordable yoga classes for all abilities and ages across Hertfordshire. From the dynamic yang style of hot yoga and power yoga, to restorative yinchildren’s and teens yoga you’re sure to find a class that’s right for you. Find your centre at one of our studio spaces in Hertford, WareWelwyn Garden City or Cheshunt.

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A Yin Yoga Sequence for Balancing Hormones

Many of us walk through life – whether knowingly or not – with some form of chronic stress. We have become masters at coping with it. We are overstimulated by coffee and sugar to stay awake, we feel restless late at night, we over-consume, over-analyse, over-commit and ultimately over-stress the fine hormonal balance of our … Continue reading A Yin Yoga Sequence for Balancing Hormones

Potato, parsnip & pea curry with apple chutney

I went in search of a way to add a little taste sensation (read: variation) to my otherwise one-trick ‘roast ’em up boys‘ move with this season’s parsnips. This recipe from Waitrose (who knew?!) saved me from allowing perfectly good vegetables go to waste – or to the chippery! This curry makes clever use of … Continue reading Potato, parsnip & pea curry with apple chutney

Baked Tofu

This baked tofu recipe came to me off the back of an organic ClearSpot Original Tofu package and ended up sprinkled all over the top of a cheesy vegetable bake ready for a post-yoga protein-fueled dinner delight. Ingredients 140g ClearSpot Original Tofu 2 cms root ginger cut finely 1 clove garlic cut finely 1 tbsp light … Continue reading Baked Tofu

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